Is it possible to access two synchronized methods of a class at the same time

Is it possible to access two synchronized methods of a class at the same time – 


Suppose a class (say class Book) has two ‘synchronized’ methods, then is it possible to access each of these ‘synchronized’ methods by two separate threads –


Now it is possible that two different threads can try access these two methods addBook() and updateBook() at the same time.

If the synchronized method is a static method, a class lock is used.

Synchronizing an instance method uses the object’s lock, here we are modifying the state of a specific object so there will be a object lock. If there is a lock on a object then no other thread can acquire lock on that object. So only one synchronized method can be called by a thread at a time on object.

If you use a synchronized block within the methods, they will run at the same time.

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