Disadvantages of Hibernate Framework

Below are some disadvantages of hibernate framework-

1) Limited clustering capabilities.

2) Not much flexible when it comes to mapping composite-ids (although you can do a lot). Using Embeddable Composite Primary Key Class (uses @ Embeddable annotation)

3) Everything is an object. If you need only a portion of data (say, for a search), you would still have to retrieve the object. However, this is true for any ORM strategy.

4) Hibernate n+1 problems that comes for one to many relationship. That is, Hibernate will execute (n+1) queries for going through a list of records of size n. But you can  mitigate this risk.

5) Large data sets can still cause memory issues.

6) Support for security at a database level only and no support for role based security without any APIs like Spring AOP.

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