Salesforce Einstein and Features

What is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has been developed for the Salesforce Platform. Einstein uses data mining, machine learning and complex algorithms to proactively identify trends in sales, service etc.

Salesforce Einstein features:
Here is different salesforce cloud products and corresponding AI-rich features we know about so far.

Sales Cloud Einstein
– predictive lead scoring
– opportunity insights which alert reps if a deal is trending up or down
– automated activity capture to log email and create activity

Service Cloud Einstein
– automatically pre-populate key case fields and route them to the right agent predicatively
– Recommended responses
– predict close times related to issues

Marketing Cloud Einstein
– predictive scoring
– automated send-time optimisation and predictive audiences

Commerce Cloud Einstein
– Amazon-style product recommendations
– predictive sort and commerce insights
– Product recommendations

Community Cloud Einstein
– recommended experts, articles and topics
– automated service escalation and newsfeed insights
– Automated community case escalation and recommended experts, files and groups

Analytics Cloud Einstein
– predictive wave apps to uncover future patterns for any business process
– smart data discovery
– automated analytics to priorities insights

IoT Cloud Einstein
– predictive device scoring
– recommend best next actions for service processes and marketing journeys
– automated IoT rules optimization

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