Different components of wave analytics

Different components of wave analytics

A curated set of charts, metrics, and tables that gives you an interactive view of your business data. Wait until you see what these things can do. Wow!

A saved exploration or you can say it as report.

A set of source data, specially formatted and optimized for interactive exploration.

The dataflow file is written in JSON and contains all the logic required to import your data into Wave. If you understand JSON, don’t be afraid to look at it. Typically, the dataflow is either automatically generated using the dataset builder or manually created by you.

An app is just like a folder and it contains a group of datasets, lenses, and dashboards that you can share with your colleagues.
By default, you get the following apps:

My Private App
This app is visible to you and only you. You can’t share My Private App with anyone.

Shared App
This app is the opposite of My Private App. The Shared App is accessible by anyone who has access to Wave. Although it’s accessible by everyone, you can still ensure stricter security on datasets through row-level security.

You can also create a new app:

Go to Wave analytics App then click Create -> App -> Select Blank App and click Continue. Enter My Exploration as the name of your app.
Click Create.

All the apps created by individual users are private, by default; the app owner and administrators have Manager access and can extend access to other users, groups, or roles.

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