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Java Handling large amounts of data Large Data When it comes to handle large data, then it may be either from DB or files. Suppose in your application you needs to use data in a […]

What is Lock in java Thread and types of Lock – java.util.concurrent.locks.Lock Lock in multiple threading provide more extensive locking operations than the internal lock used by synchronized methods and blocks. A lock is a […]

Thread Scheduler in Java

Thread Scheduler The thread scheduler is one of the part of JVM (mostly JVM takes help of native threads on the underlying OS) and that decides which thread should run at any point of time, […]

Create custom unchecked exception in Java – You can create custom unchecked exception when you want to propagate certain exception handling responsibility to the caller method rather than handling it in place where exception is […]

How HashMap works in JAVA

How HashMap works in JAVA HashMap permits null values and the null key. The HashMap class is equivalent to Hashtable, except that it is unsynchronized and permits nulls. This class makes no guarantees as to […]

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