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Understanding Hibernate Caching – Hibernate caching is used to optimize application performance, it minimizes the DB connection cost thus reduces data fetch time. First time it will fetch data from DB a   nd load […]

Hibernate N+1 SELECT’s Problems And Solution Hibernate n+1 problems only comes for one to many relationship. Let say one example – Retailer with a one-to-many relationship with Product. One Retailer has many Products. ***** Table: […]

Below are some disadvantages of hibernate framework- 1) Limited clustering capabilities. 2) Not much flexible when it comes to mapping composite-ids (although you can do a lot). Using Embeddable Composite Primary Key Class (uses @ […]

Below are some differences between jdbc and hibernate – Hibernate JDBC Hibernate supports Inheritance, Associations, Collections Jdbc doesn’t support. Hibernate supports relationships like One-To-Many,One-To-One, Many-To-Many-to-Many, Many-To-One Jdbc doesn’t supports relationships In hibernate we only have Un-checked […]

Search capability is one of the primary demands of a application. Engines like Lucene provide search capabilities, but with complex applications it can be tricky to implement. It’s tough to keep the index up to […]

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