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Lightning Console Limitations Lightning console apps are now in beta release, it does not support all the features of classic console app. It may take some more salesforce releases to compatible with some cool features […]

What is Aura? Aura is a open source UI framework for developing apps for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. In existence since 2013, Aura enables developers to build apps that are independent of data that […]

  Marketing Cloud – Spring ’17 Release Exam 1. A marketer wants to create a branded template using Content Builder. Which two ways can the marketer get started? Choose 2 answers A. Create a template […]

Types Of Cloud Features Cost SALES CLOUD Einstein Opportunity Insights, Einstein Account Insights, Einstein Lead Scoring, Einstein Activity Capture Sales Cloud Einstein Add-on $50 per user per month (Includes all 4 features) SERVICE CLOUD Einstein […]

Difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud? Sales Cloud: i) “Sales Cloud” refers to the “sales” module in ii) It includes Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, Pricebook, Campaigns etc. iii) It includes features like web-to-lead, […]

Summer 16 Salesforce Admin 201 Maintenance Exam 1. What is true about how Process Builder executes actions? A. Processes can execute actions when the action group contains scheduled actions B. Processes can execute actions using […]

Lets discuss about general trigger first then we will implement that with trigger framework. The requirement is to create a trigger on Salesforce that will automatically create the Account record in the system when a new […]

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