Why Choose Cloud Computing?

Let’s assume that you are an infrastructure lead at a large corporation. Your particular responsibilities include server uptime upto 100%. If there is a new requirement for a new server for application deployment. So first you have to analyze the requirement, which includes hoe much space is required, memory, scalability, load balancer, operating system, security, firewall, router, internet connectivity, disaster recovery, geo locations of servers, software requirement, licensing of softwares etc. Also you have to plan how long it will require to completely setup this new server,infrastructure stuff, buying new hardware, software, taking leased line internet connection etc. In large corporation it requires so many approvals from higher authority before proceeding mainly when cost matters, also there may be some meetings for this. In planning phase you have to decide how you will keep up your server, upgrades, backup – recovery.

Finally it requires long time to set up a new server.

But in cloud computing everything is there, you can start from day 0, its free for try and some data limit is there, later you can pay what you use.

Cost savings:

This is the principal benefit of using cloud computing. You can use cloud service providers to access everything from software to operating platforms to entire IT infrastructures, without investing in hardware or software upgrades.

Large storage space:

If you want to store large amounts of data, that your existing server does not support then you have to upgrade. It is very expensive to upgrade, Also the upgrading process can also lead to more server downtime and to lose your valuable customers. In cloud computing, you get all the storage space you need.

Automatic software updates:

In cloud, your software or operating systems will be automatically updated by the cloud service provider.

Greater flexibility:

Whatever data or service you are using only pay for that. When your business grows you can easily expand your cloud servers.


Availability is one of the unique advantage cloud computing platforms, it provides 0% server downtime or 99.999% uptime.

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