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Embeddable Servlet Engines

Embeddable Servlet Engines – An embeddable servlet engine is generally a lightweight servlet deployment platform that can be embedded in another application. This is used if your application requires a servlet engine and you want […]

Difference between Servlet and Applet – Servlets are server side components that executes on the server whereas applets are client side components and executes on the web browser. Applets have GUI interface but there is […]

What Is a Servlet?

What Is a Servlet? A servlet is a Java class that is used to extend the capabilities of servers that host applications accessed by means of a request-response programming model. Although servlets can respond to […]

Life Cycle Of Servlet

Servlet class loading Servlet Instantiation call the init method call the service method call destroy method The Sequence – The actual sequence of events in the servlet lifecycle is as given in the objective, i.e. […]

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