Embeddable Servlet Engines

Embeddable Servlet Engines –

An embeddable servlet engine is generally a lightweight servlet deployment platform that can be embedded in another application. This is used if your application requires a servlet engine and you want to control start, stop and configure everything. The application becomes the true server.

These are the lightweight servlet containers.

The Tomcat Server, from Project Jakarta
Tomcat (more information above) also works as an embedded engine. The docs aren’t detailed, and there may be some small bugs since not many people use the server this way, but it’s definitely possible.

Servertec’s iServer
iServer (more information above) also works as an embeddable engine; license starts at $1,500 US to embed the product royalty free within an application.

Acme Acme.Serve
Jef Poskanzer’s simple web server that runs servlets “more of less compatible” with the Servlet API 1.0. Free.

Nexus Web Server
A servlet runner that implements most of the Servlet API and can be easily embedded in Java applications. Free, but the server can be used only for non-commercial use.

Paralogic’s Web Core Embeddable Server
A free but unsupported embeddable web server written in Java. It incorporates parts of Acme.Serve. Free.

Jetty Server
An open source web server written in 100% Java designed to stand alone or be embedded (thus shown again below). Supports Servlet API 2.2 and JSP 1.1 with HTTP/1.1. Also EJBs via a JBoss integration module. No fee for use as it’s distributed under the Open Source Artistic license.

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