Salesforce Winter 16 Release Exam (Maintenance) for Administrator 201

1. Describe an enhancement to Chatter posts?
Chose 3 answers

A. A user can mute all future posts from a specific user in a group.
B. A user can format a Chatter post using the rich text editor.
C. A user can view a post they have muted from the Muted filter.
D. A user can mute a post so that it no longer appears on their Chatter feed.
E. A user can view a list of people who have muted the same post.


2. What is the Enhancement to process builder?
Chose 2 answers

A. Administrator receives a fault email when a process fails due to User Inactivity.
B. More than one schedule can be done in a single action.
C. Process Criteria can be Evaluated at a specific time of a day.
D.Administrator receives an email when a process is completes successfully.


3. In a Salesforce Organisation using a State and Country picklists, what feature allows a Lightning Experience user to choose the correct address when entering information in the standard address field?

A. Contact lookup for address fields on a custom Objects.
B. Lookups for Standard address fields.
C. Auto-Completion for Standard address fields.
D. Auto-Completion for Custom fields.


4. What is an enhancement for Salesforce Files?
Chose 2 answers

A. A file Owner can freeze a file to prevent additional share of the file.
B. A User can upload files from the files related list on standard Object only .
C. An Administrator can control whether users can upload files from Salesforce.
D. An Administrator can control whether users can upload files from their Computer.


5. What is an enhancement to working with records in Chatter Groups?
Chose 2 answers

A. When a record is @mentioned on a group,that record becomes a Group Record.
B. Group records are visible to all members of that group.
C. When a group is @mentioned on a record, that record becomes Group Record.
D. Group Records are displayed in the groups related lists.

Ans. C,D

6. By default ,which Users have access to Lightning Experience Once it has been enabled?

A. All users in the Salesforce Organization.
B. All users with Standard Salesforce profiles.
C. Only users with the System Administrator profile.
D. Only users with the Sales User permission.


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