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Moving Your Meta-Data platform provides a powerful Metadata API. Metadata describes about your application components (custom user interfaces created using Visualforce, generated page layouts, and even Apex classes) and provides an API for programmatic […]

Authenticating to Salesforce can be done in different ways. In many cases a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution is a best practice so that authentication will be done only once. 1) Native Salesforce Authentication: If you […]

Workflow is one of the feature used most in Salesforce, because of the simplicity and it is so powerful. With workflow, administrator can defined Immediate or Time-Dependent Workflow Actions to create new Task, send Email […]

One to One relationship in Salesforce is not available out of the Box. But we can definitely achieve this by creating a new field and a workflow rules to update the field value with record […] platform provides a JavaScript API which provides features to work with sObjects(Standard / Custom) using JavaScript without the help of Apex codes. When to use ? Custom Buttons/Links: Creating a record with pre-populated values, […]

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