Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer Spring ’17 Release Exam

1 of 5.  A new Permission Set is being created for Users who will be deploying Change Sets to a production Salesforce org.

What should the admin setting up the Permission Set do to enable Change Set deployment?

A) Select “Modify All Data”, and “Deploy Change Sets” will automatically be selected.

B) Select “Deploy Change Sets”, and “Modify All Data” will automatically be selected.

C) Select “Manage Change Sets”; no other permissions are needed.

D) Select “Modify All Data” and “Manage Change Sets” at the same time.


2 of 5.    An Architect would like to use the LeadConvertSettings Metadata API type to control what happens during Lead Conversion in their production Salesforce org.

Which three options does this Metadata type allow the Architect to do?

Choose 3 answers

A) Map Lead fields to specific Order fields.

B) Map Lead fields to specific Account fields.

C) Specify whether an Opportunity will be created or not.

D) Specify the User that will own the converted records.

E) Map Lead fields to specific Contact fields.


3 of 5. An Architect is planning to use version control to track not just code but also configuration metadata for a production Salesforce org.

Which three options could be added to version control by using the Metadata API?

Choose 3 answers

A) Lightning components

B) Content Security Policy Trusted Sites

C) External Service configurations

D) Web-to-Lead forms

E) Account Teams


4 of 5.

An Architect is participating in a design discussion for a Custom Metadata Type (MDT) that will be deployed as part of a managed package. Some records in this new MDT will be packaged and others will be created by customers after the package is installed. There is some confusion about how setting the field manageability to “”Upgradable”” on an MDT custom field called “”Dimension__c”” will affect customers.

Which two points should the Architect make to help guide this design discussion?

Choose 2 answers

A) The customer will not be able to edit the Dimension__c values for any records that exist for this Custom Metadata Type.

B) The customer can change Dimension__c field values for any records they create themselves after the package is installed.

C) The customer can edit the Dimension__c field after installing the package. Package upgrades don’t override the customer changes.

D) Only the package developer, via package upgrade, can change Dimension__c values for records deployed with the package.


5 of 5.

An Architect is configuring a cross-org adapter as part of a multi-org strategy so that each org can share information. The ExternalDataSource Metadata API type is being used.

Which two steps can the Architect do with this Metadata type? Choose 2 answers

A) Specify that the cross-org adapter data source can be written to.

B) Specify the frequency with which data will be fetched from the source.

C) Specify the NamedCredential that will be used to authenticate.v

D) Specify a custom JSON configuration string to use with this source.

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  1. Thanks John Doe, following was a pass
    1: B
    2: B, C, E,
    3: A, B, C,
    4: B, D
    5: A, D

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