Marketing Cloud – Spring ’17 Release Exam


Marketing Cloud – Spring ’17 Release Exam

1. A marketer wants to create a branded template using Content Builder. Which two ways can the marketer get started?
Choose 2 answers
A. Create a template using Basic, Business Specific, Empty, or Saved Template
B. Place content in a template and lock the content
C. Place images only in the banner content area
D. Designate a particular type of content to be placed in a content area.

2. Along with a new intuitive workspace, which three new features can be found in Approvals?
Choose 3 answers
A. Approval service for Content Builder Emails
B. Approvals of A/B subject lines and preheaders from the email properties page
C. Permissions for emails built with Content Builder
D. Two workflow processes including the Standard and two-step Approval processes
E. Create and Edit permissions can create and assign teams to review and approve

3. What is a capability of using Send Flow?
A. Create a new sender profile
B. Schedule an email send for a future date
C. Select an automation schedule for email sends
D. Refresh a filtered audience

4. In which two ways does URL Expiration work in Email Studio?
Choose 2 answers
A. Allows expired links to be set at the job level so the countdown starts when the email is sent
B. Allows the link expiration to be between 30 days and 2 years (730 days)
C. Allows expired links to be redirected to a designated landing page
D. Allows the person creating the email to set a link expiration and redirect

5. What is an advantage of building and viewing SQL queries with Automation Studio’s Activities tab?
A. A historical log of errors for that activity over time
B. A customizable interface with autocomplete
C. A list of all automations that use a query
D. A graphical execution plan for complex queries

6. Which two places can a marketer go to download the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Application?
Choose 2 answers
B. AppExchange
C. Apple App Store
D. Google Play Store

7. What are two capabilities of Subscriber Preview in Email Studio?
Choose 2 answers
A. Allows you to check personalization for a given subscriber
B. Renders the email based on email client and specific mobile device
C. Allows you to view an email in Layout and Plain Text Views
D. Will not render Ampscript or dynamic content

8. When creating an email with dynamic Content Blocks using Content Builder, what feature is designed to track dynamic content performance over time?
A. Email Click-Overlay
B. Alias Tags
C. Impression Region Tracking
D. Click-through reporting

9. What are two capabilities of Test Send in Email Studio?
Choose 2 answers
A. Will render default dynamic content and personalization when the email is sent
B. Can perform a test email send to a sendable test data extension
C. Provides Test Send Summary to warn if the test send exceeds the threshold
D. Allows you to enter up to seven email addresses to send the test email

10. What new product offers searching, sorting, filtering and tagging assets for improved storing, finding, managing and creating content in the Marketing Cloud?
A. Campaign Canvas
B. Portfolio Studio
C. Email Gallery
D. Content Builder

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