Pardot Specialist Spring ’17 Release Exam

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1. When using the Advanced Subject Line Composer, what options can be inserted to personalize an email’s subject line?
A. Advanced Dynamic Content, Custom Roles
B. Advanced Dynamic Content, Variable Tags
C. Variable Tags, Profiles
D. Custom Roles, Profiles

Ans: B

2. In a Pardot account with custom user roles enabled, what permission would give someone full access to Engagement Studio?
A. View, Delete
B. Create/Edit, Delete
C. Create/Edit, View, Delete
D. Create/Edit, View

Ans: C

3. Salesforce Engage Alerts provide real-time information on prospect activity. What are the cards that display prospect activity called?
A. Alert Actions
B. Marketing Cards
C. Engagement Activity
D. Prospect Activity

Ans: C

4. When sending an email in Pardot, what field value does the map to?
A. The full name for the sending user of the email
B. The first name for the sending user of the email
C. The full name for the assigned user of the email recipient
D. The first name for the assigned user of the email recipient

Ans: C

5. What is one way marketing assets can be assigned to scoring categories in an account with scoring categories enabled?
A. Marketing assets are placed in a folder, and the folder is assigned to a scoring category.
B. Marketing assets are assigned to a campaign, and the campaign is assigned to a scoring category.
C. Marketing assets are assigned directly to a scoring category.
D. Marketing assets are tagged, and the tag is assigned to a scoring category.

Ans: A

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