Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Components

There are mainly three components available in salesforce marketing cloud –

Marketing Cloud Studio

Marketing Cloud builder

Marketing Cloud Connect

Below are the details of each components –

Marketing Cloud studio

Marketing Cloud studios help you work with marketing “channels,” which map to the ways you communicate with your customers (email, mobile, social, etc).

Email Studio – Create 1-to-1 customer journeys with personalized email marketing at scale.

Mobile Studio – Reach customers via SMS, MMS, and Group Messaging regardless of location.

Social Studio – Listen, publish, engage, and analyze customers’ conversations on social media.

Advertising Studio – Power 1-to-1 advertising.

Web Studio – Create personalized website and landing pages, and track visitor behavior.

Marketing Cloud builder

Marketing Cloud builders represent the “platform” or tools that help you build and manage personalized customer journeys.

Journey Builder – Build and automate customer journeys across email, mobile, advertising, your website, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Audience Builder – Create a single view of each customer with information from any source. Then, target specific audiences and segments across the customer journey.

Personalization Builder – Automate personalized content and messages for every customer based on behavior and engagement.

Content Builder – Manage all of your marketing assets in one location. Share and approve content throughout your entire company.

Analytics Builder – Use real-time analytics to optimize each customer journey. Then, respond and take action in the moment.

Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud Connect can be used to integrate Marketing Cloud with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Go to the below link for details connector configuration steps for sales cloud and service cloud. You need install marketing cloud connector appexchange package and then need to do some configuration.

Reference: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Documentation

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