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You can load Salesforce data or external data into Wave Analytics to enable users to explore and visualize the data with explorer and designer. External data is data that resides outside of Salesforce, such as data from outside applications and spreadsheets.

When you load data into Wave Analytics, you load it into datasets. A dataset is a collection of related data that is stored in a denormalized and highly compressed form.

Creating DataSet:

Go to -> App list(top right corner) -> then select wave analytics app

Create Dataset

Once you select the “DataSet”, below screen appears –

Creating DataSet

Put the dataset name on the left side panel, then select one datasource. If you want to load data from salesforce then select salesforce as datasource. For external data select corresponding data source. To loading csv file data select csv, for any other third party external data integration select remaining data source type.

Load External Data(csv file)
First, you want to load your external data from a CSV (comma-separated value) file by creating a new dataset. I have created a sample Sales Data file that contains sales by account broken down by product and time period. I have also included my Sales Data.json metadata file for reference. In this case, I did not have to make any changes from the system generated mappings. It is always a good idea to check your date format and values, as this is a common source of error. Now select Create Dataset and your Sales Data is in the Analytics Cloud. You can then start exploring the data by creating Lenses and Dashboards.

loading csv data

Load SalesForce Data
Loading Salesforce data is a snap using the Dataset Builder user interface. In this example, I am only interested in pulling Account information, to keep it simple. I am going to add just the Account object and a select fields to my dataset (Account ID, Account Name, Account Type, Industry and Region). Next, select Create Dataset, provide a Dataset Name and use Create to save. This will add the associate JSON entries to the dataflow for this dataset. The data will not be loaded until the next schedule run of the dataflow, currently set for once a day, or a manual run.

creating dataset salesforce

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